Historic night: Ukrainians write boxing history

May 20,2024 407
Historic night: Ukrainians write boxing history

This past weekend marked a series of triumphs for Ukrainian athletes on the global stage. On May 18, Oleksandr Usyk clinched victory against the UK’s Tyson Fury to become the undisputed heavyweight boxing champion of the world. The following day, Denys Berinchyk earned his first career title as a boxing world champion.

Usyk’s triumph quickly dominated global sports headlines, becoming the focal point of discussions across leading media outlets and social media platforms, as analysts and fans alike delved into the Ukrainian’s impressive victory. “From the capital, Kyiv, to the heavily attacked region of Kharkiv, news of Oleksandr Usyk’s win over Tyson Fury brought war-weary Ukrainians a rare and very welcome moment of victory and celebration,” wrote The Guardian.

In the boxing ring, Usyk made a striking entrance dressed as a Ukrainian hetman, donning a captain’s green hat embellished with a collar, a tri-feathered hat, and boxing gloves featuring Ukraine’s blue and yellow colors.

The tears flowed down Oleksandr Usyk’s face like tiny waterfalls upon hearing the announcement of his crowning achievement. The 37-year-old Ukrainian southpaw did what many thought was impossible,” wrote The Ring – The Bible of Boxing.

Undefeated Denis Berinchyk won his first championship fight, defeating Mexican Emanuel Navarrete for the WBO lightweight belt. Navarrete had previously held titles in three divisions.

“A historic night for a proud country,” wrote the American boxing magazine Top Rank Boxing.

Berinchyk entered the ring with a saber, accompanied by a Cossack march. After his triumphant victory, he thanked everyone for their support and vowed to keep going.

Before the fight, Denis Berinchyk addressed Russia’s war against Ukraine, sounding the air raid alarm at a press conference: “My country has been waking up to this sound for over two years now. Every day, every second. This sound means that Russia is taking someone’s life or destroying something – every day, many times a day,” emphasized Berinchyk and thanked the Ukrainian defenders.

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