In memory of Yaroslava Halyk

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March 25,2021 375
In memory of Yaroslava Halyk

The Ukrainian World Congress (UWC) expresses its deep sorrow and sympathy for the premature passing of Yaroslava Halyk due to complications of coronavirus. Halyk was a well-known Ukrainian activist and Chair of UWC member organization, the World Federation of Ukrainian Lemko Associations (WFULA).

The passing of Yaroslava Halyk is an irreparable loss for her family and our community, in whose memory Halyk will always be remembered as a true Ukrainian patriot who worked earnestly and tirelessly for the common good. She was born into a family of deported Lemkos and contributed in every way possible to the unification of the world’s westernmost branch of Ukraine. As the Chair of WFULA, she was very well acquainted with and contributed to the development of Lemko public life internationally.

Halyk actively defended historical justice for and the restoration of the national memory of autochthonous Ukrainians from Lemkivshchyna, Nadsyannia, Kholmshchyna, Podlasie, Lyubachivshchyna, and Western Boykivshchyna at various levels.

In these and other matters, Halyk worked closely with the UWC and actively supported its activities, promptly responding to current issues. Our network also remembers Halyk as a regular participant in UWC Congresses and Annual General Meetings.

The leaders and members of the UWC are deeply saddened by the loss of Yaroslava Halyk and pray for the eternal rest of her soul.

Eternal Memory!

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