ISW: Russian forces moving troops from Donbas to south coast

August 2,2022 511
ISW: Russian forces moving troops from Donbas to south coast

According to the last Russian offensive campaign assessment by the Institute for the Study of War, ”The Russian withdrawal of some troops from northern Donetsk Oblast will deprive the Slovyansk effort of necessary combat power, in the same way that Russian forces neglected the Zaporizhia and Kherson Oblasts fronts during offensive operations in Luhansk Oblast. The withdrawal will likely create an opportunity for Ukrainian forces to launch a counteroffensive on the Izyum axis, just as the Russian capture of Luhansk Oblast allowed Ukraine to set conditions for a counteroffensive in Kherson Oblast. The Russian redeployment of troops to Zaporizhia Oblast also suggests that Ukrainian counter offensives are not confined to Kherson Oblast and will likely take place throughout the southern axis.”

Key Takeaways:

“ISW assesses that Russian forces were responsible for the July 28 attack on the Olenivka prison that killed 53 Ukrainian POWs; two anonymous US officials confirmed that there is no evidence that Ukrainian forces used US-provided HIMARS, some of the only munitions Ukraine has that are precise enough to do the kind of limited damage seen in satellite and other imagery, to strike the prison.

“Russian forces are transferring elements of the Eastern Military District (EMD) from the Slovyansk area to support defensive positions along the Southern Axis.

“Russian forces did not conduct any offensive operations north of Slovyansk or around Siversk.

“Russian forces conducted unsuccessful ground assaults on settlements south and southeast of Bakhmut.”


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