Ukrainians in Italy call to boycott Russian culture

January 16,2024 747
Ukrainians in Italy call to boycott Russian culture

The Ukrainian community in Italy is campaigning against displays of Russian propaganda culture. Activists are boycotting Russian ballet troupe performances, urging local Italian authorities to cancel Russian cultural events and explaining the connection between Kremlin disinformation and Russian culture.

On January 15, Ukrainians in Milan protested against the Russian ballet Sleeping Beauty performance at the Teatro Lirico. “For Russian artists of this ballet, it seems that there is no war… Perhaps, they are ‘above politics,’ and some Italians still do not understand that there is no Russian culture separate from Kremlin propaganda. Therefore, we need to protest,” wrote one of the rally organizers, Lesya Tsybak.

Rally participants emphasized that Russia is a terrorist country, and Russian culture serves the genocidal goals of Kremlin propaganda. They chanted slogans calling to ignore occupiers and insisted on the importance of supporting Ukraine in the war against the Russian aggressor.

“We remembered the tragedy of the theater in Mariupol and how the Russians held concerts and danced on the bones of dead Ukrainians there. And we remembered our Ukrainian artists who went to the front and died there defending their country,” the rally organizers communicated to the participants.

Another demonstration is already planned for Wednesday, January 17, in the center of Milan, at San Babila Square. The event will take place one hour before the next scheduled Russian show, Russiada.

The rally organizers emphasize that Russia’s war against Ukraine is ongoing. “They keep dancing. They kill, and then they dance. They destroy, ruin, level to the ground, rape, deport, subject to torture, and then they come here to perform on stage, receive applause and admiration.”

The planned show Russiada is particularly cynical because the occupiers intend to use elements of Ukrainian and Tatar culture in the performance. “First, they bomb and kill Ukrainians and Tatars, and then they put on their traditional costumes and travel around Europe to dance their dances, despite numerous protests from the Ukrainian community. It’s madness,” wrote one of the protest organizers, Kateryna Sadilova.

Ukrainians in Italy are determined to continue resisting Russian propaganda. “We are also here to say enough. You stole our washing machines and dog houses, laundry and furniture, clothespins and plush toys of our children. But you cannot steal our dances, costumes, culture, and traditions,” emphasized Sadilova.

At the beginning of January, Ukrainians in Italy also boycotted the Russian exhibition about the “well-being” of Mariupol in the Italian city of Modena. Then, the community succeeded in having the event canceled.

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