Jeremiah Taurydzkyj on reasons Global South leaders should attend Peace Summit

May 24,2024 383
Jeremiah Taurydzkyj on reasons Global South leaders should attend Peace Summit

Dr. Jeremiah M. Taurydzkyj, a representative of the Ukrainian Central Representation of Argentina, lawyer, journalist, publicist, translator, editor, and activist, discusses the influence of Russian propaganda in Argentina and the importance of the country’s participation in the Peace Summit in an exclusive piece for the UWC website.

Since President Javier Milei took office in December 2023, the situation has changed across Latin America, particularly in South America. The explicit invitation extended to Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelenskyy to participate in Argentina’s presidential inauguration underscores the improved circumstances in the region.

The prevalence of Russian propaganda in Argentina, notably through outlets like the “RT” Channel and TV, is significant. However, with Argentina and its allies such as Uruguay, Paraguay, and partially with Chile, and Ecuador, standing against communism and the leftist influence, there is a potential to counter this influence, particularly through organizations like the Organization of American States (OAS).   However, Brazil, Bolivia, Colombia, and, of course, Venezuela and Cuba are on the other side.

Following discussions between Presidents Milei and Zelenskyy on December 10, 2023, President Zelenskyy invited his Argentine counterpart to participate in the Global Peace Summit in Ukraine, scheduled for June 15-16 in Switzerland. During a recent visit by a large Ukrainian delegation, headed by Ukraine’s Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Economy Yulia Svyrydenko, substantial discussions at the ministerial level and with Argentine Vice President Victoria Villarruel resulted in progress in bilateral relations.

A strong intervention from Latin America at the upcoming Global Peace Summit in June could tip the scales in favor of Ukraine. This decisive stance would support the non-communist or left-leaning countries, explicitly denouncing dictator V. Putin and advocating for an end to the war. 

I repeat, in Argentina, Russian propaganda has been rampant in distorting the truth, spreading fake news, and infiltrating our web pages through well-known “trolls.” Additionally, there have been acts of material intimidation such as the vandalism of the Ukrainian stand at the International Book Fair in Argentina. After hours on May 13th this year, the Ukrainian stand was vandalized by “unknown” individuals, although there’s no doubt about who could have been responsible. I am specifically referring to Argentine political sectors inclined to support Putin and his unjustified invasion of Ukraine. Specifically, a painting by Marta Pitchuk depicting a “Motanka” as a symbol of Ukraine’s resistance and resilience was cut out and removed from the stand. Several maps of Ukraine showing areas occupied by Russians and various photographs with scenes from the war were also taken and disappeared.

The strong rapport between the governments of Argentina and Ukraine can play a pivotal role in bilateral relations, contributing to a broader path toward peace and the end of Russian aggression. 

Cover: Reuters

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