Join the new international online campaign to promote Ukraine: #MyUkraineIs

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January 11,2016 108

As we prepare in 2016 to mark the 25th anniversary of Ukraine’s independence let’s help to share the stories that make us proud to be Ukrainian.  

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine has launched a new online campaign titled Ukraine: People’s cut to promote Ukraine – its history, its people, its future. The Ukrainian people are proceeding to cut a new diamond out of stone with each and every cut revealing the new Ukraine and the defining values of dignity, freedom and creativity.

Each and every one of us can contribute to this campaign by sharing information about Ukraine and outstanding Ukrainians on the online platform using the “Add your story” button.

The project is a result of the cooperation between Ukraine’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Information Policy and StratCom.UA. The website is an online version of the booklet titled “Ukraine: Freedom, Dignity, Creativity.”

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