Light a candle – Take a pledge. Join UWC Holodomor-90 online campaign

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November 2,2023 1955
Light a candle – Take a pledge. Join UWC Holodomor-90 online campaign

The UWC campaign and Holodomor90 partners declared November the month of Holodomor awareness to commemorate the 90th anniversary of the genocide of Ukrainians in 1932-1933. Join the #ShineALight initiative to tell the world about Ukraine’s past, present and future.

We light a candle in memory of the millions of innocent victims of genocides past and present. We take a pledge to keep that flame of remembrance alive from generation to generation because we believe in Ukraine’s future.

The Ukrainian World Congress has partnered with the Holodomor90 campaign, an initiative of the Holodomor Research and Education Consortium, combining two worthy initiatives into one wide-reaching global campaign.

“We encourage all Ukrainians and friends of Ukraine to join us in delivering a powerful message of remembrance and hope that will resonate around the world. By uniting our efforts, we can ensure that the voices of the victims are heard, the truth is acknowledged, and the memory of the Holodomor is preserved for future generations,” stated Stefan Romaniw, UWC Vice President and Chair of the International Holodomor Awareness and Recognition Committee. 

Individuals and groups are invited to #ShineALight on the history of genocide that plagued Ukraine in the 1930s and reverberates into the present day. To stand up for Ukraine, users are invited to post “selfie” images or videos to their social media during the month of November for Holodomor Awareness.  

“The power of the #ShineALight initiative is in the messenger. When people ask their friends to take part, their relationship gives the message meaning. One candle will brighten a dark room — many candles can light up the world,” said a Holodomor90 campaign spokesperson.

How to Participate in #ShineALight 

Post a #ShineALight “Selfie” Video or image: 

1 – Take a “selfie” video or image lighting a candle. 

2 – State or post: “I light a candle in remembrance. I believe in Ukraine’s future.”

3 – Invite someone to do the same and continue the chain.

Post your video to Instagram or another social media platform with the hashtags #ShineALight, #Holodomor90, and #IBelieveInUkrainesFuture. 

Be sure to tag your friends. 

The Ukrainian World Congress calls to join the Holodomor-90 educational campaign. We offer to download materials, samples of letters, theses, videos and banners using the link.