Little change expected in course of the war in the near future

August 16,2022 258
Little change expected in course of the war in the near future

In an overview of international media reporting on Ukraine, Babel writes:

Having spent three weeks in Ukraine and having traveled the front line from the south to the east, CNN analyst Nick Robertson assures that little will change in the course of the war in the near future. The front line of more than 600 kilometers is too long for Russia to actively advance anywhere without loosening its hold in other regions.

“The Ukrainians, even after the recent deliveries of long-range Western weapons, are still behind Russia in firepower, so they are also limited in their counter offensive operations. In the Kherson oblast, the author notes that he did not notice a significant concentration of either Ukrainian equipment or troops that would indicate preparations for an offensive.

“Rather, Mr Robertson believes, Ukraine promoted the topic of a counterattack in the Kherson region to draw Russian troops away from Donbas ― and achieved this. Now the front line has generally stabilized, and the warring parties have distinguished wide fields, which neither side can overcome without significant losses.”