Moscow attack: Army of Drones show Bober and Airborne drones

July 27,2023 3327
Moscow attack: Army of Drones show Bober and Airborne drones

A forum dedicated to the anniversary of the Army of Drones project, the creation of which the Ukrainian World Congress actively supported in the summer of 2022, was held in Kyiv. The event brought together Ukrainian UAV manufacturers and provided a platform to discuss and present advanced technologies in this direction, the Government of Ukraine says.

“…We collected more than UAH 4 billion [approximately USD 108 million], which we invested in Ukrainian manufacturers of drones. At that time, there were less than a dozen of them. Today, there are more than 40 companies that have contracts with the state, and the production of UAVs has increased tenfold,” the Prime Minister noted.

Ukrainian-made attack drones – Bober [“Beaver”] and UJ-22 Airborne were also demonstrated at the forum. According to journalists, these drones attacked Moscow and the Moscow Oblast in the spring and summer of 2023.

“This is a drone with characteristic stabilizers brought to the nose (aerodynamic scheme “duck”). It was the UAV that, not for the first time, broke through the echeloned barriers of Russian air defense to the Russian capital, causing damage. … It became known about the first landing of UJ-22 Airborne in the Moscow Oblast as early as February 28,” the journalists of Novynarnia write.

In addition to drones, the forum also presented models of Ukrainian naval strike drones and a project of an operational-tactical reconnaissance drone from the Luch Design Bureau.

Photos: Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine