Most Australians advocate for increased aid to Ukraine, poll finds

February 13,2024 383
Most Australians advocate for increased aid to Ukraine, poll finds

Over 80 percent of Australians support the continuation of their government’s support for Ukraine, according to a survey by SEC Newgate Mood of the Nation commissioned by the Australian Federation of Ukrainian Organisations (AFUO).

Nearly one in four Australians believes the government should do more to help Ukraine, with support for greater assistance rising by 7 percentage points since the middle of 2023 as the war nears its third year,” The Australian reports, citing the poll’s results. 

82% of respondents are convinced that Russia should withdraw from the territory of Ukraine and end the war, according to the survey. “The online poll of 1588 people indicated that 24 percent of Australians believed the government should provide more support to Ukraine, rebounding to October 2022 levels, while 58 per cent believed that existing levels of support were appropriate,” the text reads.

Our community is heartened to know an increasing number of Australians want the Albanese government to do more to support Ukraine. It’s clear that Australians are appalled by Russia’s actions and know what’s on the line in Ukraine, so they want the government to stay the course,” said Kateryna Argyrou, a member of the UWC Board of Directors and AFUO Co-Chair.

Argyrou expressed gratitude to the Australian government for the provided support; however, she called for an increase in aid to Ukraine. “Australian support packages for Ukraine have become smaller and less frequent over the last two years. Australia was once the leading non-NATO contributor to Ukraine, but now ranks sixth after Japan, Sweden, Switzerland, Austria and South Korea. Australians have noticed, and want the government to do more,” she said.

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