New Atlantic Council report documents details of direct Russian military involvement in Ukraine 

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May 30,2015 127

On 28 May 2015 the Atlantic Council of the United States presented an extensive report at the Atlantic Council headquarters in Washington, U.S.A. titled HIDING IN PLAIN SIGHT: Putin’s War in Ukraine.

This report, prepared by Atlantic Council Working Group members Maksymilian Czuperski, John Herbst, Eliot Higgins, Alina Polyakova and Damon Wilson, reveals through an examination of satellite data and open sources Russia’s direct military involvement in Ukraine.


Simultaneously released was the English language version release of Boris Nemtsov’s report on the Russian presence in Ukraine, Putin. War.


Both reports, although independently produced, reached similar conclusions and confirm with hard evidence that President Vladimir Putin led his country into war and he continues to conceal this fact from his people.


“The fascinating report of the Atlantic Council based on sources available to anyone looking for the truth reveals, in no uncertain terms, that Russia is at war with Ukraine,” stated Ukrainian World Congress President Eugene Czolij. “We urge the international community to formulate effective policy to counter Russia’s aggression against Ukraine and its people that threatens world peace.”


Read HIDING IN PLAIN SIGHT: Putin’s War in Ukraine by the Atlantic Council Working Group.

Read Putin. War. based on materials from Boris Nemtsov.

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