Occupied territories: Russians seize homes from Ukrainian residents

February 28,2024 494
Occupied territories: Russians seize homes from Ukrainian residents

The National Resistance Center (NRC) reports that in the occupied areas of Ukraine, Russian forces are carrying out operations to take over homes from the locals. They specifically focus on properties left empty by Ukrainians who fled due to the territorial occupation. Additionally, Russians are conducting ‘inspections’ of homes re-registered under Russian laws.

“According to available information, most of these enemy raids occur in the city of Zaliznyi Port, located on the Black Sea coast in Kherson Oblast. Representatives of the Russian occupation administrations are included in the lists, even those who already have a Russian passport. This practice is already being implemented. Therefore, the occupiers have already taken away several such apartments and transferred them to the so-called “IDPs” or “victims” of the hostilities,” the NRC says. 

Previously, the Russians confiscated homes from owners who had once left the occupied territory, while now, taking over property is occurring even for those who have obtained Russian documents. “The actions of the occupying authorities only attest to the desire to continue the genocidal practice of changing the ethnic composition of the population in Ukraine,” emphasizes the center.

In May last year, the occupying authorities of Crimea “nationalized,” i.e., transferred to the Russian state property 58 objects that belonged to Ukrainians. Among them is the building of the Crimean Tatar Mejlis (an analog of a parliament).

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