Occupiers intimidate civilians with threat of death penalty

June 22,2022 395
Occupiers intimidate civilians with threat of death penalty

The enemy is intimidating civilians in temporarily occupied territories by introducing the death penalty, according to the Melitopol Mayor Ivan Fedorov during televised news marathon FreeDom.  The Russian military has also launched a new wave of abductions of Melitopol residents.

“All this is being done by the rashysty to intimidate the civilian population, to show that any resistance or dissent – which the racists also consider disobedience and resistance – is impossible. This is confirmed by the statements of a processon of Gauleiters on prime rashysty propaganda channels, that they are proposing to introduce the death penalty in the temporarily occupied territories,” Mr Fedorov said.

The mayor of Melitopol noted that in his city alone, the Russians abducted more than 500 people in four months, but resistance is only growing. To try to stop the resistance, collaborators discuss introduction of the death penalty.

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