Orbán questions sovereignty of Slovakia and Romania

July 26,2023 2613
Orbán questions sovereignty of Slovakia and Romania

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán announced territorial claims to two EU countries. The politician called Slovakia a “separated” territory from Hungary. In addition, he questioned the sovereignty of Romania in the matter of the Székely Land – the unrecognized autonomy of the Szekei, the Hungarian national minority.

Orbán made another scandalous statement at the 32nd summer school of Hungarians, where he met with leaders of local parties and gave a speech, writes the Polish publication

Slovakia and Romania summoned Hungarian ambassadors after Orbán’s words. The states emphasized that it is “absolutely unacceptable” to question the territorial integrity of countries.

“Czechoslovakia (and then Slovakia) or Hungary are the same successor states of Austria-Hungary. Thus, nothing could be separated from today’s Hungary. Promotion of such narratives by anyone senselessly contradicts good-neighborly relations and stability in our region,” the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Slovakia said.

This is not the first time the Hungarian Prime Minister has made such scandalous statements. Last year, at a summer school for Hungarians, Orbán spoke out against the “mixing” of European and non-European races.

In November, Orbán attended a football match wearing a scarf depicting a map of so-called “Greater Hungary,” which includes territories that today belong to Austria, Slovakia, Romania, Croatia, Serbia, and Ukraine.