Paris Mayor on Russians at 2024 Olympics: I prefer they don’t come

March 14,2024 653
Paris Mayor on Russians at 2024 Olympics: I prefer they don’t come

The Mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo, stated that she opposes the participation of Russian athletes in the 2024 Olympics, which will take place in France from July 26 to August 11, 2024, as well as in the opening ceremony of the international games.

I prefer that they don’t come. We cannot act as if (Russia’s invasion of Ukraine) did not exist. We could not act as if (Vladimir) Putin was not a dictator who today threatens the whole of Europe,” said Hidalgo.

At the upcoming meeting, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) will decide whether to allow Russian and Belarusian athletes to participate in the opening ceremony of the 2024 Olympics. It’s worth noting that athletes from Russia and Belarus have been allowed to compete, but only individually and under a neutral flag.

Volodymyr Kogutyak, UWC Vice President for Western Europe, stated that the Paris mayor’s clear position demonstrates the French citizens’ attitude towards Russians. “Today, no matter how much money Russia throws into propaganda, our international partners continue and will continue to help Ukraine in all spheres. Together, we will do everything for Ukraine’s victory,” emphasized Kogutyak.

Meanwhile, the Ukrainian community in France continues to make efforts to exclude Russians from participating in the 2024 Olympics. “We continue to do everything so that the aggressor does not come to Paris for the competition, and if he does, we will do everything to make him understand every minute that he is not welcome here!” concluded UWC Vice President for Western Europe.

Cover: Reuters/Benoit Tessier

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