Peace Formula Summit in Malta: Canada’s proposition

October 30,2023 1066
Peace Formula Summit in Malta: Canada’s proposition

The third meeting of national security advisers regarding the Ukrainian Peace Formula took place in Malta. The meeting lasted on October 28-29 and discussed nuclear, food, and energy security. In addition, Ukraine’s partners discussed the release of prisoners and deportees, as well as the restoration of Ukraine’s territorial integrity.

More than 65 countries participated in the summit, while representatives of 40 countries joined the previous meeting in Saudi Arabia. The list of participating countries has not yet been disclosed. However, it is known that Armenia took part in the meeting for the first time, while the representative of China was not present this time.

Working groups, with the participation of diplomatic representatives of various countries, worked out five points of the peace formula. In particular, they created an action plan for the return of hostages and deported Ukrainians. Ukraine’s partners seek to create an international monitoring group to collect information and gain access to places of detention. It was also about additional sanctions against Russia and its officials for violating international humanitarian law.

The Canadian delegation voiced a proposal to create an international coalition of countries that will contribute in particular to the return of Ukrainian children deported or forcibly relocated by Russia from the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine. The proposal was supported by many countries participating in the summit, the Office of the President of Ukraine reported.

“This initiative will continue the Bring Kids Back UA plan of Ukraine’s president. The proposal for an international coalition is an element of the plan to implement the Ukrainian peace formula in terms of the return of deported children, the release of civilian hostages and prisoners of war,” the President’s Office explained.

The participants also agreed on a plan for nuclear safety – complete withdrawal of Russian personnel from the Zaporizhzhia NPP, transfer of control over the plant to Ukraine, strengthening of the role of the IAEA in monitoring compliance with the rules for the operation of nuclear installations, as well as studying mechanisms of responsibility for non-compliance with the principle of nuclear safety.

To guarantee Ukraine’s energy security, the working group of the summit suggested developing a model of energy sustainability. This will help prevent violations of energy security and enable using energy as leverage in future acts of aggression.

Those present also worked through the item on food safety. It is proposed to establish international security guarantees for the uninterrupted food supply. For this, in particular, it is necessary to strengthen the protection of the port and logistics infrastructure of Ukraine, ensure the clearance of sea lanes in the Black Sea, and support the insurance of ships and cargo transported to and from the sea ports of Ukraine.

Regarding the observance of the UN Charter and the restoration of the territorial integrity of Ukraine, as well as the world order, the working group suggests focusing on the reform of the UN Security Council and limiting the right of veto, strengthening the role of the UN International Court of Justice by recognizing the mandatory jurisdiction of the court in all disputes regarding violations of the UN Charter. In addition, the participating countries of the summit call for the creation of early warning systems for actions that violate the sovereignty and territorial integrity of states.

After the summits regarding the Peace Formula, numerous “peace” initiatives that offered Ukraine unacceptable concessions to Russia disappeared from the informational space, stated the Minister of Foreign Affairs Dmytro Kuleba.

“Forumula has a place for everyone. But there is no place for pseudo-pacifism. It is a pragmatic document that puts the principles of the UN Charter into practice. Ukraine continues to actively work on its implementation and preparation for the Global Peace Summit, at which the leaders will record the agreements and move on to their implementation,” Kuleba said.

In May, President Volodymyr Zelenskyy expressed the idea of holding a global peace summit with the participation of as many states as possible to gain support for the Ukrainian Peace Formula. At the second summit in Saudi Arabia in August, high-ranking officials from 40 countries gathered. The territorial integrity of Ukraine must be preserved – this was the consensus reached by the participants of the Jeddah meeting, the journalists wrote. The first meeting of political advisers was held in Denmark in June but was less successful.