Polish senators unanimously declared the Russian regime terrorist

October 26,2022 1210
Polish senators unanimously declared the Russian regime terrorist

Today, the Polish Parliament’s upper house – Senate – unanimously, with 85 votes, passed a resolution recognizing the authorities of the Russian Federation as a terrorist regime, Senate has announced on its official site.

The document “strongly condemns the Russian aggression and calls on all countries that support peace, democracy and human rights to recognize the authorities of the Russian Federation as a terrorist regime.”

In the resolution, senators recall that on Feb. 24, 2022, Russia unleashed a brutal war against Ukraine, trying to wipe this sovereign country from the map and annihilate the Ukrainian nation. They emphasize that the heroic defense of independence by Ukrainians has aroused the admiration of the entire free world. “Ukraine is the most important place today, defending democracy and freedom,” reads the resolution presented to the upper house by Sen. Bogdan Klich.

The resolution also states that the Russian invaders are terrorizing the inhabitants of Ukrainian cities by bombarding civilian targets. “The bandits in Russian uniform torture and murder prisoners of war and civilians in the occupied territories. They kidnap Ukrainian children to raise them as the regime’s Janissaries. They deport, resettle and send Ukrainian citizens to Russia’s distant periphery.”

Such acts of state terrorism are well from the history books. Europeans believed that they would never again be threatened with genocide and war crimes. Meanwhile, Vladimir Putin and his apparatus of violence returned to the cruel practices of the Stalinist and Nazi regimes. “That is why Russia must be defeated and deprived of the possibility to endanger its neighbors,” the senators appealed in the resolution. They call on the international community to give full support to the International Criminal Court, which investigates those responsible for these crimes.

In the resolution, the Senate also thanks all Poles, the central and local governments, non-governmental organizations and entrepreneurs for the enormous amount of help provided since Feb. 24 to Ukrainians, mainly women and children, who escaped from the Russian bombs to Poland.

Earlier, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia declared Russia a terrorist regime. On Oct. 13, a similar resolution was passed by the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe.

UWC welcomes the Polish Senate’s resolution and thanks the Polish people for their unwavering support of Ukraine in its fight against the Russian aggressor. We call upon other nations throughout the world to follow their example and declare the Russian regime terrorist.

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