President of Estonia: Ukraine’s NATO membership cannot be subject to negotiations

July 9,2024 378
President of Estonia: Ukraine’s NATO membership cannot be subject to negotiations

The path for Ukraine’s accession to NATO is irreversible, and its future membership in the Alliance is not open for negotiation., stated Estonian President Alar Karis at a press conference following his meeting with Lithuanian President Gitanas Nausėda, according to ERR.

Comprehensive, long-term, and effective support for Ukraine both during and after the war should be the main topic of the NATO summit on July 9-11 in Washington, Karis emphasized. He also warned against deceptive “ceasefires” with Russia that would compel Ukraine to make concessions.

“NATO must send a strong signal that it will support Ukraine as much as necessary. Ukraine’s membership in NATO cannot be a subject of negotiations; its path to membership is irreversible,” emphasized the Estonian President.

History provides many lessons that appeasing aggressors only ensures temporary peace. “Disregarding Ukraine’s territorial integrity and sovereignty will only lead to new and worse wars in the future. Russia and other aggressors will feel more confident as a result,” Karis added.

The only strategy that can work now is to provide Ukraine with as much support as possible, emphasized the Estonian President. Karis reminded that Estonia has committed to providing support to Ukraine, amounting to 0.25% of its GDP and suggested that allies should increase their defense spending target from 2% of GDP to 2.5 or 3%.

Earlier, the Ukrainian World Congress launched an ongoing advocacy campaign, #UkraineInNATO, and invites all Ukrainian communities, organizations, Ukrainians, and friends of Ukraine worldwide to participate in this initiative.

The UWC advocacy campaign aims to bolster support for Ukraine and advocate for an invitation to join NATO, under the slogan “Make NATO Stronger — Invite Ukraine.”

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