President Zelenskyy addresses Bundestag

June 11,2024 299
President Zelenskyy addresses Bundestag

Dear German people!

Everyone who feels that war is wrong. Everyone who, like Ukrainians, is convinced that war is a crime against life, and who wholeheartedly wishes Ukraine to achieve peace as soon as possible, who supports us – our people, Ukrainian families, the Ukrainian State, our defense. First of all, I want to thank you all today – thank you for the humanity that prevails in your hearts. That is why Germany did not stand aside from the pain and suffering of Ukrainians. Ordinary people, different German cities, states and communities – you have helped and are helping.

Thank you, Germany!

My speech today is addressed to all of you. To those who exercise power and to those who give power. To all those who hold humanity in their hearts and who therefore remain faithful to the dream of a peaceful Europe. A Europe that is bigger than all of us. A Europe that remembers the experience of hundreds of generations that have lived on our continent, most of whom, unfortunately, were not destined to live in peace. And that is why the dream of a Europe that must be a continent of culture, must be a continent of people, must be a continent without war, has gained so much strength.

I personally have confidence in this kind of Europe.

A Europe that will surely be a happy home for our children and their children.

A Europe that will not allow hatred to take root.

The one that will do everything in its power to correct this mistake of European history – this war that is going on in our continent and is threatening to escalate into a much wider confrontation.

We will not leave it as our legacy.

We will end this war.

We will end it in the best interests of Ukraine and all of Europe. All of us. And all those who will come after us. We will end it on our own terms. The terms that are clear to any person, any ordinary person on this Earth.

Full text of the address: Office of the President of Ukraine


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