President Zelenskyy: Many leaders condemned Russian terror; it is crucial that this leads to fair consequences

May 27,2024 225
President Zelenskyy: Many leaders condemned Russian terror; it is crucial that this leads to fair consequences

“Following the results of this week’s battles, I would like to commend the warriors of our 57th separate motorized infantry brigade and the 92nd separate assault brigade,” said Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy in a traditional address to the Ukrainian nation on May 26.

Dear Ukrainians!

Today, the rubble at the site of a Russian bomb attack on a hypermarket in Kharkiv is being cleared all day long, as the building has burned to the ground. As of now, fourteen people have been reported dead. My condolences to all the families and friends. The death toll may be higher as additional examinations and further work are needed after the fire to provide full information about the deceased. The number of injured is over forty. Everyone is being provided with the necessary assistance. As required, all the necessary services are engaged on the scene of this Russian terrorist attack – hundreds of people are working: the State Emergency Service, police, psychologists, and the necessary equipment. The regional and city authorities are also helping. I am grateful to everyone who supports the people and supports our Kharkiv. Many leaders, representatives of states and international organizations, public figures have expressed their condolences to Ukraine and Kharkiv and condemned Russian terror. It is important that this condemnation leads to entirely fair consequences. That we finally get a sufficient number of air defense systems to protect Ukraine and our cities. And that our partners have enough determination for preemptive protection against Russian terrorists, just as they would strike at any other terrorists – destroying them before they start taking lives. We see every point of concentration of Russian troops. We know all the areas where Russian missiles and combat aircraft are launched. Destroying this terrorist force – and thus saving thousands of lives and guaranteeing that the expansion of the war will be stopped – is purely a political decision. A decision that needs to be made. I thank everyone who supports us in this. We will work with partners to speed up and increase the supply of F-16s to Ukraine. This will also enhance our protection from terrorist attacks on our cities and from the pressure of the Russian army on the frontline.

Full text of the address: Office of the President of Ukraine

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