President Zelenskyy: Ukraine overcomes challenges, stands firm, ready to defend

January 25,2024 336
President Zelenskyy: Ukraine overcomes challenges, stands firm, ready to defend

“Ukraine has overcome a tremendous path, stood firm and must defend itself,” said Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy in a traditional address to the Ukrainian nation on January 24.

Dear Ukrainians!

The 700th day of this war – a very difficult day.

First. I summoned Umerov, Zaluzhnyi, Shaptala, Budanov and Maliuk – they reported on the situation with the aircraft and the exchange.

It is obvious that the Russians are messing with the lives of Ukrainian captives, the feelings of their relatives, and the emotions of our society.

All clear facts must be established. To the extent possible, given that the aircraft crashed on Russian territory – beyond our control.

“Facts” is the key word now.

I heard a report from the Commander-in-Chief and the General Staff on the use of the Air Force. The Main Intelligence Directorate is clarifying the fate of all captives. The Security Service of Ukraine is investigating all the circumstances. I have instructed the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine to provide our partners with the information available to Ukraine. Our state will insist on an international investigation.

Second. Today there were reports on the situation on the frontline – a key focus area. Special attention was paid to Avdiivka, other positions in Donetsk region, as well as the Kupyansk direction.

We are doing everything to strengthen our warriors.

Third. The U.S. Senate committee has adopted an important decision on the confiscation of Russian assets, which is a completely fair step. Russia must feel the real cost of its aggression the most, and we in Ukraine are truly grateful to all those who are helping to find, freeze and prepare the confiscation of assets of the Russian state and its associates. I thank everyone in the U.S. Congress who cares about protecting justice.

Fourth. I spoke with the German Chancellor. The topics are quite obvious. I expressed gratitude for the relations we have achieved, for the support and cooperation. It is very important that Germany steadfastly and fundamentally defends Europe – freedom and stability on our continent. The democratic system in Europe can only be preserved if Germany continues to be a reliable defender of democracy.

Full text of the address: Office of the President of Ukraine

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