Russia and NATO may clash in Black Sea

August 22,2023 1046
Russia and NATO may clash in Black Sea

Russia and NATO may collide in the Black Sea. Todor Tagarev, Minister of Defense of Bulgaria, assumed this after the incident with the Sukru Okan ship.

“We cannot exclude such an option. We are working to prevent this from happening. Russia is constantly provoking NATO,” Tagarev said.

This is how the Bulgarian minister commented on the case when Russia threatened the ship Sukru Okan under the flag of Palau, which was heading to the port of Izmail.

“Russia imposes its regimes and aggressively tries to impose its will,” Tagarev said. The minister also advised ships to pass through the territorial waters of Romania and Bulgaria to avoid incidents.

The Ukrainian World Congress is deeply concerned with Russia’s increasing destabilization of the Black Sea region and its threats to foreign cargo vessels. Russia’s ongoing terror in the Black Sea threatens security in the whole region and aims to provoke a global food crisis.   

Cover: Getty Images

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