Russia brings tens of thousands of migrants to occupied territories

November 20,2023 801
Russia brings tens of thousands of migrants to occupied territories

Russia continues to alter the ethnic composition of the occupied territories of Ukraine. Occupiers are bringing migrants into the seized regions. The National Resistance Center (NRC) reported that the number of labor migrants from Central Asia and the North Caucasus is increasing in the temporarily occupied territories of Donetsk Oblast.

“This primarily concerns the southern part of the oblast, particularly the temporarily occupied Mariupol, where over 30,000 migrants already reside. These migrants are willing to work on construction projects sponsored by the occupation administration for low wages. Meanwhile, the unemployment rate among residents is rising and has already reached 50% in some areas of the temporarily occupied territories of Donetsk Oblast,” the NRC stated.

This is part of Russia’s policy to change the demographic composition of the temporarily occupied territories. Ukrainian residents are forced to leave due to unemployment and humanitarian catastrophes, while migrants loyal to Russia are imported in their place, the NRC added.

“The National Resistance Center emphasizes that all those who pursue a policy of genocide against the Ukrainian nation will be held accountable for it,” the NRC emphasized.

Russia is also resorting to ethnic replacement of the population in the occupied Ukrainian territories, anticipating the “presidential elections in Russia.” Residents are massively refusing to cooperate with occupiers, so Russians are importing tens of thousands of Russian officials, teachers, prosecutors, and police officers, as reported earlier by the Mayor of Melitopol, Ivan Fedorov.

Cover: NRC