Orwell’s plot: Russia edits history in new textbook

August 8,2023 843
Orwell’s plot: Russia edits history in new textbook

The Russian Federation presented a new history textbook for high school students, which will become the only state textbook. The occupiers rewrote the chapters after the 1970s and added a chapter on the war in Ukraine, which they call a “special military operation.”

“By and large, this is the first textbook of its kind after the collapse of the USSR,” Vladimir Medinsky, assistant to the president of the Russian Federation, said.

The Russians repeated the main propaganda theses in the book. The Russian Federation was presented as a victim of Western aggression, and Ukraine as an “ultranationalist state” that the USA and NATO were allegedly preparing against Moscow. In addition, Ukrainian independence is called “so-called” in the book.

“The idea of fixing the West was to destabilize the situation inside Russia. First – along the perimeter of its borders. Because of this, frank Russophobia was sponsored in the former republics of the USSR. Next, according to the plan, is the involvement of Russia in a series of conflicts and “color revolutions”, the imbalance of its economy and the change of power to a controlled one. The ultimate goal is not particularly hidden: it is the dismemberment of Russia and control over its resources,” the textbook authors write.

Several generations in Ukraine were brought up on “neo-Nazi ideas,” the Russians are convinced and are about to continue convincing their younger generations. At the same time, the goal of Russia’s war is “the protection of Donbas and preventive security of Russia.” The occupiers argue that they are fighting with an “ideologically pumped-up, equipped with NATO weapons, trained according to their standards by the armed forces of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, which is supplemented by foreign mercenaries and instructors.”

The Russians accuse the Armed Forces of attacking residential areas and killing civilians. And concerning information about the atrocities of the Russian army, they write: “When learning on the Internet any information about what is happening in Ukraine now, remember: the world industry for the production of stock videos, throw-ins, fake photos and videos works as a continuous conveyor belt.”

The occupiers wrote a new method of fabricated history in less than half a year. More than half a million Russian schoolchildren should be taught, according to the new textbook.