Russia manipulates and bribes India’s citizens to join war against Ukraine

March 12,2024 658
Russia manipulates and bribes India’s citizens to join war against Ukraine

The Indian government has exposed a “major human trafficking network” organized by Russia within the country. The Kremlin promised young people jobs but instead lured them into the war against Ukraine, according to Reuters.

The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) exposed the criminal operation, through which approximately 35 individuals have been dispatched to the frontline by Russians. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has also noted an extra 20 citizens involved. Tragically, at least two of these men have perished in battle, with several more sustaining severe injuries.

Russia promised the men admission to private universities, free visa extensions, but instead sent Indians to the front “against their wishes.” One of such stories was reported by The Guardian.

When Hemil Mangukiya left his small village in the Indian state of Gujarat last December, he told his family he was off to Russia to make a better living than was possible at home in India. Lured by a recruitment video he had seen on YouTube, the 23-year-old had thought he was going for a secure security job far from the war in Ukraine. But in strained phone calls home from Russia, he told his family he was instead sent to a month-long military training camp and then taken to the frontlines, where he was made to dig trenches, carry ammunition and operate rifles and machine guns,” journalists write.

Hemil Mangukiya died at the front, a fact communicated to his parents at the end of February. Recently, several men have sought assistance from the Indian government to return home. They claim to have traveled to Russia on tourist visas but are now compelled to serve in its army.

In December, Russians were preparing an expedition to the African continent to recruit mercenaries for participation in the war against Ukraine.

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