Russia plans to attack other countries in 2028 – Ukraine’s president

October 6,2023 7196
Russia plans to attack other countries in 2028 – Ukraine’s president

Russia can attack other countries if the war in Ukraine is frozen, President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said. Future invasions of other states may occur in 2028.

“Now Russia is considering various scenarios for the coming years. One of them is particularly dangerous. If there is any pause in this aggression against Ukraine, any freezing of the situation, then there will be a new critical moment – the year 2028,” Zelenskyy said, citing Ukrainian intelligence data.

“If Russia is allowed to adapt now, then in 2028, the Kremlin will be able to restore the military potential we have destroyed, and Russia will have enough power to attack the countries that are the focus of Russian expansion. In addition to Ukraine, these are precisely the Baltic countries and precisely those countries on the territory of which Russian contingents are present. This is clear information from our intelligence, and we signal it to you,” the President of Ukraine said.

Russia is currently “looking for an opportunity to freeze the situation and adapt, draw conclusions from its mistakes, and prepare to move on,” Zelenskyy emphasized.

“Please remember that the most dangerous enemy is the one who has made conclusions and prepared for the next strike based on those conclusions,” the president concluded.

Previously, Latvian special services reported that Russia’s policy includes preparations for a full-scale conflict with NATO. Russia designs and develops military attack scenarios and plans to weaken the enemy in all directions and stages of a hybrid war.

Cover: Olga Maltseva / AFP via Getty Images