Russia ready for war with NATO, says Russian Foreign Ministry

November 29,2023 711
Russia ready for war with NATO, says Russian Foreign Ministry

Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Russia, Sergei Ryabkov, stated that Russia does not rule out the possibility of an armed conflict with NATO, emphasizing that restoring diplomatic relations is no longer feasible.

Responding to a question about the likelihood of a future armed conflict, Ryabkov commented, “It depends on the North Atlantic Alliance. The choice is entirely on the side of NATO. We are prepared, as demonstrated before, to defend our national interests with all available means at our disposal.”

Ryabkov added that NATO cannot indefinitely encroach upon Russia’s interests, cautioning those who test Russia’s resilience. “People who continue to test us may have believed that there are no limits to their own game of raising stakes, but they may find themselves among those who completely lose on this playing field.”

The diplomat suggested that the relationship between Russia and NATO is unlikely to be restored in any form in the foreseeable future. “This is excluded from both principled and practical considerations. If someone in the West thinks that we need these relations and that at some point we will come and ask for their restoration, it is the biggest mistake,” Ryabkov emphasized.

Previously, Russia purportedly expressed willingness to negotiate only on an equal and mutually respectful basis, according to the Russian diplomat. “Now, given the current circumstances, I cannot even imagine a situation and context in which this is possible,” Ryabkov added.

Earlier, Latvia’s President, Edgars Rinkēvičs, warned that Russia might initiate aggression against the Baltic States in the future if it perceives a resolution in the Ukrainian war as its victory. Additionally, the President of the Ukrainian World Congress of Ukrainians, Paul Grod, stated that it is impossible to come to an agreement with Russia – it is only necessary to defeat it.