Russia refuses to let UN on Kherson Oblast’s occupied territories

June 19,2023 963
Russia refuses to let UN on Kherson Oblast’s occupied territories

Russia has rejected the UN’s request for access to the Dniprio’s left bank in the Kherson Oblast affected by the explosion of the Kakhovka HPP. A humanitarian mission cannot enter the territory to help people.

“The Government of the Russian Federation has so far declined our request to access the areas under its temporary military control. The UN will continue to engage to seek the necessary access,” the UN Humanitarian Coordinator for Ukraine, Denise Brown, said.

The United Nations called on the Russian authorities to act by their obligations under international humanitarian law. “Aid cannot be denied to people who need it,” the UN emphasized.

The Ukrainian authorities evacuated 112 people, including 54 women and seven children, from the left bank occupied by Russian troops. However, the situation remains critical because the Russians are not helping the local population in any way, Kherson Oblast Military Administration reported.

On June 6, the Russian military blew up the Kakhovka HPP’s dam, and the station cannot be restored. About 80 settlements were either completely underwater or partially flooded. The terrorist act of the Russian Federation provoked ecocide, as well as a humanitarian catastrophe.

Cover: AP/Roman Hrytsyna

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