Russians detain children en masse in occupied territories

June 29,2023 582
Russians detain children en masse in occupied territories

Russian military detains Ukrainian children en masse in the temporarily occupied territories. The invaders are enslaving minors who hold pro-Ukrainian views, the National Resistance Center reported.

“The reason for the detentions, in fact, is the fight against children who show a Ukrainian position. In particular, due to the fact that young people in the temporarily occupied territories constantly visit Ukrainian Internet resources, in schools, they argue with teachers about the actions of the Russian Federation,” NRC explains. 

Detention is also an element of pressure on parents who do not want to receive a Russian passport. “The informants of the Russian security forces are the ideological advisors of school principals. Such a position was introduced in the temporarily occupied territories. They [the ideological advisor positions] are occupied by the Russians, ” National Resistance Center says. 

Police officers of the occupation authorities intimidate residents in Luhansk Oblast and force them to obtain Russian passports. Meanwhile, the invaders forbade the provision of medical care to people without a document of the Russian Federation in the temporarily occupied Kherson Oblast.

Previously, on June 24, Russian forces killed two Ukrainian teenagers – Tyhran Ohannisian and Mykyta Khanhanov – in temporarily occupied Berdiansk.

Cover: AP