Russians issue falsified history manual for occupied territories

June 19,2024 428
Russians issue falsified history manual for occupied territories

Russians continue to rewrite history for Ukrainians in temporarily occupied territories. Occupiers plan to release a History of Novorossiya: From Ancient Times to Our Days manual, the National Resistance Center (NRC) reported

The NRC has emphasized efforts by Kremlin-backed figures to indoctrinate the Ukrainian population. “In this textbook, the enemy will prove the existence of a separate Russian civilization and its rights to the occupied lands. In the tradition of the Nazis, the existence of other peoples will be rejected,” the statement said.

Simultaneously, Russian educators from the temporarily occupied territories are undergoing training to teach a course on the “basics of Russian statehood” to students at fictitious universities and high school pupils. “[This is] propaganda lectures with anti-Western rhetoric that denies the existence of Ukraine,” stated the NRC.

Earlier, it was reported that Russians in the occupied territories of Ukraine are teaching Ukrainian children to snitch on others. In addition, occupiers systematically distort the historical values ​​of Ukrainians in temporarily occupied territories and seek to discredit the heritage of the Cossacks, which is of great importance to the Ukrainian people.

Cover: Shamil Zhumatov / Reuters 

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