Russians plan to forcibly “denazify” Ukrainian children

July 1,2024 307
Russians plan to forcibly “denazify” Ukrainian children

The Russians plan to forcibly “denazify” Ukrainian children, reports the National Resistance Center (NRC). The invaders have established an ethnopolitical rehabilitation center at the fake Donetsk University.

According to the Russian enemy, the “denazification” of Ukraine is one of the main tasks of the so-called special military operation,” the NRC emphasizes.

The main focus of the center’s activities will be on re-educating Ukrainian children. “It will not be possible to re-educate Ukrainian nationalists, but their children are our task,” says the local “authorities.”

The Russians have also organized the mass removal of children to camps. “For example, during the summer vacation, more than 12,000 Ukrainian children from the temporarily occupied Luhansk region will be sent to different regions of Russia for re-education. Anyone can stop the policy of the Russian invaders and their collaborators by publicizing their crimes and demanding their international prosecution,” the text states.

Earlier, it was reported that the Russians continue to rewrite history for Ukrainians in temporarily occupied territories. Occupiers plan to release a History of Novorossiya: From Ancient Times to Our Days manual.

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