SAVE THE DATES: Events in 2017 celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Ukrainian World Congress

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June 2,2017 146

Ukrainians together – the future is ours!

This year marks 50 years of the Ukrainian World Congress (UWC), the international coordinating body for Ukrainian communities in the diaspora that represents the interests of over 20 million Ukrainians with a network of member organizations and ties with Ukrainians in 53 countries.

To raise awareness of the work of the UWC, its history, present and plans for the future, in 2017 the UWC has planned a range of anniversary events in Ukraine and in the countries of the Ukrainian diaspora with the goal of engaging the participation of its network, Ukrainians in Ukraine, friends of Ukraine around the world, and the international community.

Stay tuned for detailed programs in each country.



Celebrating Cooperation

KYIV: 26 August 2017  

Celebrating Identity

LVIV: 27-29 August 2017



Where it all began

NEW YORK CITY: 16 September2017



Shaping the future

TORONTO: 10-11 November 2017


Series of international conferences in Lviv, New York, Buenos Aires, Brussels and Toronto


UWC at 50 and Beyond: The European Context

28 August 2017, Lviv, Ukraine

Venue: Lviv Polytechnic National University


UWC at 50 and Beyond: The North American Vector

16 September 2017, New York, U.S.A.

Venue: The Princeton Club


UWC at 50 and Beyond: The South American Vector

30 September 2017, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Venue: TBA


UWC at 50 and Beyond: European and Euro-Atlantic Forum

7 November 2017, Brussels, Belgium

Venue: European Economic and Social Committee


UWC at 50 and Beyond: The Roadmap

10-11 November 2017, Toronto, Canada

Venue: The Old Mill


The UWC also extends its gratitude to our member organizations for having hosted UWC 50th anniversary celebrations in April 2017 in Greece, Italy, Spain, Portugal and Poland.