Stop Russia’s terror campaign – invite Ukraine to join NATO

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July 9,2024 706
Stop Russia’s terror campaign – invite Ukraine to join NATO

On the threshold of the momentous NATO Summit in Washington D.C., scheduled for 9-11 July 2024, the Ukrainian World Congress (UWC) urges all member states of the North Atlantic Alliance to deliver a decisive and unambiguous message to the democratic nations worldwide and the Moscow-led axis of authoritarian regimes. The UWC advocates for the initiation of Ukraine’s accession talks to NATO, a move that would affirm the Alliance’s commitment to Euro-Atlantic security and send a resolute signal to adversaries of the democratic order.

“Extending an invitation to Ukraine to commence NATO integration talks is a gesture of strategic significance rather than an immediate pledge of membership,” asserts UWC President Paul Grod. “Such an action would not only reinforce the Alliance’s resolve in the face of persistent intimidation from Moscow and its cohorts but also solidify Ukraine’s role within a secure and cohesive Euro-Atlantic community.”

In the current geopolitical landscape, the Kremlin’s aggressive posture and its war against Ukraine are emblematic of a larger conflict with the collective West, particularly the EU and NATO. Russia’s alignment with other authoritarian states, including North Korea, Belarus, and Iran, and the tacit support from China’s communist regime, underscores a concerted effort to challenge and disrupt the established international order.

The hesitation of NATO countries to decisively address Ukraine’s integration reflects a vulnerability that Moscow and its allies exploit, emboldening them to escalate their confrontational tactics. This perceived indecision undermines the Alliance’s credibility and emboldens its adversaries.

“Ukraine’s valiant defense of the principles that have underpinned NATO for 75 years is a testament to its readiness to join the Alliance,” continues Grod. “The Ukrainian Armed Forces stand as a formidable bulwark on NATO’s eastern frontier, and the Ukrainian people’s dedication to the NATO vision is unwavering. Ukraine’s accession would significantly enhance the Alliance’s defensive capabilities and affirm its dedication to countering the imperialistic ambitions of Russia. The invitation to Ukraine should be a focal point of the Washington Summit, reflecting NATO’s dedication to global stability and security.”

The UWC calls upon NATO to act with conviction and foresight, recognizing that Ukraine’s inclusion in the Alliance is not merely a symbolic gesture but a strategic imperative that will fortify the Euro-Atlantic region against the threats of authoritarian aggression.

A UWC delegation is currently in Washington to participate in the NATO Public Forum, which coincides with the Alliance summit. This event will convene experts and thought leaders from around the world to discuss the future of NATO.

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