Support Ukrainian educators on World Teacher’s Day

October 5,2022 599
Support Ukrainian educators on World Teacher’s Day

Dear educators!

On World Teacher’s Day, we express our sincere gratitude to YOU ​​for your inspiring and heroic work.

The past school year was a year of changes and challenges for everyone. A year of joint efforts and perseverance, especially for our schoolchildren and students and all teachers who worked – taught and learned, explored and won each in their own way – whether they were in the classrooms, in the online learning format, or in underground shelters, in Ukraine or in different parts of the world. It was the year of extraordinary support to ensure continuous learning – as and where possible. You do not stop the educational activity, regardless of the challenges you have to face. You are a constant source of knowledge for children and young people. Entering the new academic year, not only you continue to teach your students about Ukrainian heritage and to foster in them a sense of belonging to the glorious Ukrainian people. You, like the entire Ukrainian nation, are an example of support and unity, devotion and patriotism. We, Ukrainians in Ukraine or in the diaspora, are UNITED in our efforts. Today we are creating the history of our unconquered state. We live and firmly work with faith in victory.

Let your hearts, filled with boundless love for our children, continue to support and steadfast in the unity for successful educational process. Being a powerful teaching community, we support Ukrainian educators in Ukraine and in the diaspora.

We will resist, we will win, we will revive.

We educate young Ukrainians. We create and teach the history of our people for our children, with our children, for our future.

Wishing success and inspiration to you!


UWC International Coordinating Educational Council 

Oksana Levytska

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