The Grand Prix Australia bans Ukrainian flag, Ukrainian community outraged

March 22,2024 687
The Grand Prix Australia bans Ukrainian flag, Ukrainian community outraged

In a controversial move, organizers of the Australian Grand Prix, a high-profile Formula 1 World Championship event, have opted to implement a ban on the display of the Ukrainian flag, aligning its policy with a similar ban on Belarusian and Russian flags. This decision has sparked a wave of indignation within the Ukrainian community in Australia, who are now vehemently urging the event’s organizers to reevaluate this contentious decision. Their outcry underlines a broader narrative of cultural and political tensions as communities grapple with the complex interplay of sportsmanship and international affairs on the global stage.

“This is Russian propaganda – comparing the Ukrainian and Russian flags. The Russian flag is the flag of an aggressor country, and the Belarusian flag is from a country that supports aggression,” said Stefan Romaniw, the UWC First Vice President and Co-Chair of the Australian Federation of Ukrainian Organisations.

The Grand Prix organization has the right to do whatever it wants, but such a decision angers both the Ukrainian and Australian communities says Romaniw. The UWC First Vice President recalled the recent survey data showing that 82% of Australians support aid to Ukraine.

It’s interesting at this time last year, I was invited to one of the major events to show support for Ukraine,” said the UWC First Vice President.

Supporting Ukraine while simultaneously banning its flag are incompatible actions. “Russia is the the aggressor, Belarus is supporting Russia,” Romaniw reiterated.

The 2024 Australian Grand Prix will take place on March 24. This annual event is part of the Formula 1 World Championship races, with a contract in place to host it until 2035.

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