Three more US states recognize Holodomor as genocide

November 2,2023 1504
Three more US states recognize Holodomor as genocide

Three more American states – Washington, Maryland, and Arizona – recognized the Holodomor of 1932-1933 as genocide of the Ukrainian people, Ukrainian Ambassador to the USA Oksana Markarova reported.

These states also declared November the month of remembrance of the Ukrainian Holodomor genocide. “Thank you to Washington State Governor Jay Inslee, Maryland Governor Wes Moore, Arizona Governor Katie Hobbs for their solidarity with Ukraine,” Markarova wrote.

A total of 31 American states have already issued relevant proclamations recognizing the Holodomor as genocide.

“The Embassy of Ukraine in the USA, together with the US National Committee for the Recognition of the Holodomor as Genocide, is actively working to expand the geography of recognition of the Holodomor as genocide of the Ukrainian people. We invite the Ukrainian community in all states to join the campaign to honor the memory of the Holodomor victims by organizing educational events about the terrible crime of the Soviet regime against Ukrainians committed 90 years ago,” the ambassador wrote.

The Ukrainian World Congress expresses its gratitude to the Ukrainian community in the United States for its consistent public activity and efforts towards the process of recognizing the Holodomor of 1932-1933 as a genocide of Ukrainians.

Currently, the 1932-1933 Holodomor of the Ukrainian people has been recognized as genocide by about thirty countries of the world, as well as the European Parliament and PACE. The remembrance of the Holodomor victims will be honored in Ukraine and globally on November 25 this year, falling on the fourth Saturday of November.

The Ukrainian World Congress calls to join the Holodomor-90 educational campaign. Materials, samples of letters, theses, videos, and banners are available for download at the link.