UCC condemns Canada’s easing sanctions for Airbus

April 25,2024 335
UCC condemns Canada’s easing sanctions for Airbus

The Ukrainian Canadian Congress (UCC) has reacted to media reports that the Canadian government has allowed the Airbus corporation to use titanium from Russia in aircraft production despite sanctions.

The announcement of a sanctions waiver granted to Airbus on the use of Russian titanium allows Canadian companies to continue to do business with Russia – thereby financing and fuelling Russia’s war,” said Aleksandra Chyczij, President of the UCC in an interview with The Globe and Mail.

The UCC called on the Canadian government to apply sanctions fairly, including to Airbus. “This is untenable, particularly since Canada is a leading producer of titanium. We call on the Canadian government to immediately cancel this waiver, and enforce its own sanctions policy. We renew our call for a full trade embargo on Russia,” emphasized Chyczij.

Reuters, citing sources, spread the news that Canada granted permission to Airbus to bypass sanctions. “Airbus is aware of the Canadian government imposing sanctions on VSMPO (a Russian metallurgical company – ed.) and has obtained the necessary authorisation to secure Airbus operations in compliance with the applicable sanctions,” Airbus Canada said in response to a Reuters query.

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