UK and Ukraine to sign a 10-year security pact for mutual defense

December 20,2023 1357
UK and Ukraine to sign a 10-year security pact for mutual defense

Ukraine and the United Kingdom are set to enter into a 10-year security pact, with London leveraging its military-naval expertise to assist Kyiv in monitoring the Black Sea, as reported by the British publication The Telegraph, citing sources. 

The memorandum includes support for Kyiv in its efforts against Russia, particularly in the areas of military assistance focused on naval capabilities, financial aid, and intelligence exchange.

“Military leaders have been impressed with Ukraine’s performance in the Black Sea, where it has forced Russia’s navy to retreat from its traditional stronghold in occupied Crimea,” writes The Telegraph

The UK will focus on enhancing Kyiv’s maritime capabilities as part of the Pact.

The new agreement builds on the recent announcement that the UK, together with Norway, will lead the Maritime Forces and Assets Coalition, which will provide Ukraine with two Royal Navy minesweepers.

“[The deal] demonstrates our commitment to keep Ukraine in the fight. … They are also about providing assurances in a post-hostilities world to provide assistance should Russian then attack again,” a source close to the talks said.

The UK aims to leverage its maritime strength and knowledge to develop Ukraine’s naval forces further.

Additionally, the pact will include post-war “security guarantees” for Ukraine, restraining Russia in case of a renewed attack. This involves increased arms supplies and strengthened sanctions. 

On December 11, the United Kingdom and Norway established a maritime coalition to support Ukraine, uniting to supply ships and other transport means to Ukrainian defenders for naval operations. Ukraine will soon receive two Royal Navy Sandown Class Mine Counter-Measure Vessels.

Earlier, G7 countries agreed on a framework document for “security guarantees” for Ukraine at the NATO summit in Vilnius. Subsequently, Kyiv will sign specific bilateral agreements with individual states. Negotiations are currently underway involving 30 countries and the European Union.

Cover: Reuters

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