Ukraine plans new counteroffensive in 2024 – Die Welt

December 18,2023 1592
Ukraine plans new counteroffensive in 2024 – Die Welt

Valerii Zaluzhnyi, Commander-in-Chief of Ukraine’s Armed Forces, is planning a new counteroffensive in 2024. Ukraine is gathering resources for new operations, writes the German publication Die Welt, citing security expert and political consultant Nico Lange.

Currently, Ukraine is focusing on attrition. “They no longer try to hold positions, as in Bakhmut. Instead, they want to slow down Russian forces and make them bleed,” said Lange.

For the next year, the Ukrainian military command has ambitious plans, as indicated by the Ukrainian leadership’s list of weaponry provided to the United States. Kyiv is requesting modern air defense systems, F-18 Hornet fighter jets, drones, and Apache and Black Hawk helicopters. Additionally, partner countries have promised to supply Ukraine with unused armored vehicles.

Some of the promised equipment has not yet reached Ukraine, including Leopard 1 tanks. According to Welt, Germany and its allies pledged to provide 200 tanks of an older version, but Ukraine has only received 30 units.

Ukraine is attempting to transition to mobile warfare, which did not materialize during the summer counteroffensive, according to a German expert. Zaluzhnyi agreed to the offensive in the summer only for political reasons, as he saw no chance of success without sufficient aircraft support. Ultimately, the general shifted from operations using heavy equipment to assaults by small infantry groups. Journalists view this as a sensible move, as Zaluzhnyi preserved personnel Western-supplied weaponry and gained valuable time.

One of the directions for the 2024 offensive could be a foothold in Kherson Oblast. “With the necessary fighter jets, attack helicopters, and drones, Ukraine could adequately support the advancement of its troops, especially since there are almost no Russian fortifications in this region. It would be a counteroffensive, as Zaluzhnyi probably had in mind from the beginning,” added journalists.

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