Ukraine plans two peace summits – one with Russia

August 8,2023 1154
Ukraine plans two peace summits – one with Russia

Ukraine plans to hold two summits to settle the war according to Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s peace formula. The President’s Office announced this, commenting on the results of the meeting in Saudi Arabia.

The first summit will be a founding one, where the participants must approve the Ukrainian peace formula as a basis. Several negotiations are planned on directions for each formula point to develop ways of implementing the steps.

The second summit should mark the end of the war. These negotiations will involve the participation of Russia. However, Ukraine expects that the occupiers will have surrendered by then.

“We did not discuss in Jeddah any terms of possible negotiations with Russia… But at the war’s end, it will be necessary to involve [Russia],” the President’s Office added.

This plan is possible only if the clause on withdrawing Russian troops from Ukraine is fulfilled. The President’s Office emphasized: “And we were supported in this… In particular, the representative of Germany clearly said that we cannot allow even the thought of a frozen conflict and that the troops will not be withdrawn.”

The peace summit was held in Saudi Arabia on August 5-6. About 40 countries, including China, joined the negotiations. Russia was not invited. The event participants in Jeddah reached a consensus that the territorial integrity of Ukraine must be preserved. The talks were the second step in Ukraine’s efforts to restore peace.

The first meeting in this format took place in Denmark in June. Kyiv plans to complete the process with the Global Peace Summit, which it aims to hold in the fall. The peace formula, which consists of 10 points, was presented by Volodymyr Zelenskyy last year in November.

Photo: The President’s Office