Ukraine targets two more Russian Black Sea Fleet ships, continuing systematic destruction

March 25,2024 410
Ukraine targets two more Russian Black Sea Fleet ships, continuing systematic destruction

In the early hours of March 24, the Ukrainian Defense Forces launched a precision strike against two sizable Russian landing ships, the Yamal and Azov. Additionally, strategic targets, including a communication hub and multiple infrastructure sites in the temporarily occupied Sevastopol were hit, as confirmed by the Directorate of Strategic Communications of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

“According to assessments from Ukrainian military intelligence, the damage inflicted on the Yamal large landing ship is deemed critical: a breach on the upper deck has caused a significant list to the starboard side,” revealed Ukrainian intelligence sources.

The Russians are continuously pumping water from the damaged Yamal ship, which was involved in the annexation of Crimea and underwent repairs from 2017 to 2023.

Open-source intelligence experts assert that Ukraine utilized cruise missiles to strike the primary communication center of the Russian Black Sea Fleet in occupied Sevastopol.

Appears that at least three Ukrainian Storm Shadow cruise missiles just slammed into a major Russian Black Sea Fleet communications center,” the message reads.

Currently, there are only seven Russian landing ships left in the Black Sea, according to the Defense Express media. “This includes those landing ships that were transferred from the Baltic and Northern Fleets shortly before the invasion in February 2022.”

Satellite images, according to analysts, will be able to show precisely which other “several targets” of the Black Sea Fleet in the temporarily occupied Sevastopol were targeted. “Prior to this, there were reports on social media about fuel tankers ablaze near the settlement of Hvardiiske following drone strikes,” they note.

On March 5, Ukrainian Magura V5 naval drones struck the Russian patrol warship Sergei Kotov in waters by occupied Crimea.

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