Ukraine to strengthen defense cooperation with Argentina

June 3,2024 856
Ukraine to strengthen defense cooperation with Argentina

Ukraine is set to expand its defense collaboration with Argentinian industry, President Volodymyr Zelenskyy revealed in a discussion with journalists from Argentina. The planned cooperation will focus on the manufacture of weapon components, drones, maritime drones, and electronic protection systems.

“We have drones, electronic protection systems, and we want to develop this together with Argentina. We have already explored some of the capabilities that Argentina has, and we would like to develop this type of cooperation, to do joint production,” Zelenskyy said.

Currently, the Ukrainian defense industry, in particular, faces a shortage of gunpowder. Ukraine is ready to collaborate with Argentina in this sphere. Argentina has a gunpowder production plant located in Villa María, part of the Fabricaciones Militares company.

“The plant is located on a territory of 316 hectares, approximately 7 km from the city center in the province of Córdoba. The Argentine company Fabricaciones Militares also offers its customers powder cartridges for 155mm shells. The use of a cartridge charge allows for pre-packaged artillery fire and increases the rate of fire of artillery,” the Militarnyi writes.

In March, news surfaced that Argentina had delivered two Mi-171E helicopters to Ukraine, originally ordered from Russia.

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