Ukraine warns: wearing Z-swastikas is a health hazard

July 12,2022 1168
Ukraine warns: wearing Z-swastikas is a health hazard

A group of russian servicemen were beaten by unidentified local youngsters in the temporarily occupied Crimean resort city of Sudak. One of them roughed up quite badly. So much for Crimeans’ love for muscovites.

The servicemen are restoring their health, which has deteriorated after they met with the Armed Forces of Ukraine, in a Sudak sanatorium (by the way, most certainly established by Ukraine once upon a time). On the pleasant summer evening of Sunday, they went out to saunter down the promenade. They were dressed as civilians, T-shirts and shorts, but were stupid enough to wore baseball caps with Z-swastika. That was the reason for the local youth to deteriorate their health a bit more.

Of course, the occupants promise to find and punish the attackers and emphasize that they were Crimean Tatars (so what?). But they are facing the need to look for more people than just this group of tough guys, as resistance on the peninsula is on the rise.

For eight years, captured Crime has served as a “showcase” of integration and well-being for the RF and proof of the successful annexation of foreign territory, where every russian felt safe. Now, despite the death penalty jeopardy, the peninsula’s inhabitants are resisting.

Local partisans damage or even set fire to Z-marked vehicles, and the Yellow Ribbon movement has spread its activities onto Crimea. So far, they paste up posters reminding the occupants and collaborators that Crimea is and has always been Ukraine and that Ukraine is coming back.

So be it!


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