Ukraine’s double strike disrupts weapon supply in Russian Far East

December 1,2023 1157
Ukraine’s double strike disrupts weapon supply in Russian Far East

Ukraine’s Security Service orchestrated an explosion on the primary railway link connecting Russia and China, according to Ukrainska Pravda, as reported by sources. The blast occurred during the night of November 30 within the Severomuysky Tunnel on the Baikal–Amur Mainline in Buryatia, Russia, named after Vladimir Bessolov.

Four explosive devices went off as a freight train was passing through. The FSB is now working at the scene, and railway workers are trying unsuccessfully to minimise the consequences of the SSU’s special operation,” the source said.

At present, the disrupted route crucial for Russia’s transportation, including military shipments, has been rendered inactive. Journalists further noted that the official special service has refrained from commenting on these ongoing incidents.

Russian media reported an explosion incident, attributing one plausible cause to the cable network’s ignition, leading to the fire extending to the tank. According to Russian Telegram channels, the train comprised a total of 41 tanks filled with fuel, including three tanks designated for aviation fuel.

“A freight train with 50 cars started entering the tunnel near the Okusikan station in Buryatia when the train driver heard an explosion. A fire started in one of the cars. The train driver and his assistant were unharmed. As a result, three tanker cars were damaged one completely burned out. Later, a section of the track revealed a burning 200-meter cable line. Fuel began to leak from one of the cars,” the Russians reported.

The day following the explosion incident, a subsequent railway mishap occurred. According to sources from Ukrainska Pravda, a fuel-laden train in Russia’s Baikal-Amur Mainline exploded during a Security Service of Ukraine special operation.

This detonation was the second stage of the special operation of the Security Service of Ukraine to disable this vital railway line between Russia and China, which the occupiers use for military logistics, in particular.

Following an initial incident, Russian authorities initiated the use of an alternate route passing through Devil’s Bridge. According to sources from Ukrainska Pravda, the Security Service of Ukraine (SSU) anticipated this route change. As the train traversed the elevated 35-meter bridge, explosive devices allegedly planted within were detonated by the SSU.

“Russian special services should get used to the fact that our people are everywhere. Even in distant Buryatia,” the source said.

Severomuysky Tunnel extends for approximately 15 kilometers and is the longest on the railway in the Asian part of Russia. There is an alternative rail line known as the Severomuysky Bypass, but its throughput capacity is lower.

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