Ukraine’s victory: Estonia proposes military strategy for Western allies

January 17,2024 1111
Ukraine’s victory: Estonia proposes military strategy for Western allies

The Estonian Ministry of Defense has developed a military strategy plan for Western countries to assist Ukraine in achieving victory in the war over three years, as reported by the Estonian media ERR. The document is intended for the participating countries of the Ukraine Defense Contact Group (also known as the Ramstein group).

“The main idea is that the West should not be afraid to provide assistance to Ukraine in the war. Experts believe that existing discrepancies in both Brussels and Washington will be resolved, and soon there will be an influx of assistance in the necessary volume for Kyiv,” ERR writes.

Estonia’s plan emphasizes that Western countries can help Ukraine overcome Russia with minimal effort if they unite. Consolidation is the foundation of the plan.

“For example, the GDP of all Ramstein participant countries is EUR 47 trillion, of which only 0.2% has been directed to aid Ukraine. Meanwhile, Russia’s GDP is estimated at only EUR 2 trillion,” explain journalists.

According to Estonian experts, Western countries should increase the defense industry’s production. With proper political will, the timelines for this increase can be significantly accelerated.

“The size of the Western economy is tens of times larger than Russia’s economy. The difference is enormous. The problem is that Russia has already transitioned to a military economy, meaning half of their economy is directly engaged in it, while in the West, it’s not the case, they haven’t woken up yet, so to speak,” said Kalev Stoicescu, Chairman of the Estonian Parliament’s Riigikogu Defense Committee.

The indecision of Western allies, particularly the United States, is the main problem preventing Ukraine’s victory. “If the Western defense industry had received a clear signal from the very beginning of the war that production volumes need to be significantly increased, they would be entirely different today,” said Indrek Kannik, Director of the International Center for Defense and Security.

Earlier, it was reported that in the next four years, Estonia will contribute 0.25% of its GDP to Ukraine’s defense, said Prime Minister Kaja Kallas.

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