Ukrainian community in Italy supports Georgia’s European aspirations

May 15,2024 176
Ukrainian community in Italy supports Georgia’s European aspirations

The Ukrainian community in Italy held a rally in support of protests in Georgia. Georgian and Ukrainian flags flew in the center of Milan on May 14th.

“Today, in the evening in the center of Milan, we Ukrainians joined Georgians protesting against a law just passed by their parliament. This anti-democratic and Putinist law prohibits any form of political opposition in Georgia and hinders the country’s European future,” wrote one of the participants, Lesya Tsybak.

Oles Horodetskyy, president of the Christian Association of Ukrainians and a leader of the Ukrainian community in Rome, announced that another event will take place in Rome on May 19th.

“On Sunday, May 19, at 15:00, a rally will be held to support the people of Georgia in their struggle for a free European future and against the Russian law. We invite all Ukrainians in Rome to join the action against the common enemy – Putin and his puppets. The Georgian people supported our refugees, thousands of Georgian volunteers are fighting on the fronts of the Russian-Ukrainian war. Let’s come and support our Georgian brothers. Together we are strong, together we will win!” wrote Horodetskyy.

Horodetskyy also urged participants to bring Ukrainian flags, posters, friends, to make an informational rally and “be the voice of our country and support our Georgian brothers.”

The Ukrainian World Congress (UWC) expressed its full support to the people of Georgia, who have taken to the streets to protest against the Georgian parliament’s attempt to adopt a controversial “foreign agents” bill.

Earlier, the Ukrainian community in France also supported the protesters in Georgia, who are now defending the country’s right to exist without Russian influence. A solidarity action took place in Paris in support of participants in peaceful demonstrations in Georgia.

In Georgia, the Ukrainian community is helping in every possible way with the democratic processes in the country, said Kateryna Kozak, Executive Director of Svitanok, a Ukrainian youth organization in Georgia. Read further by following the link.