Ukrainian rushnyks in Japan: Krayany’s creative project

May 15,2024 297
Ukrainian rushnyks in Japan: Krayany’s creative project

Ukrainians in Japan have organized an embroidery workshop to raise interest in Ukraine and promote Ukrainian embroidery culture.

“The Association of Friendship Japan-Ukraine NGO Krayany and the Embroidery Studio under the direction of Iryna Vietrova have announced the start of a new project for Vyshyvanka Day: ‘Ya vizmu toy rushnyk, prosteliu, nachе doliu! (“I will take that rushnyk, spread it out like fate!”)’ We invite embroidery masters!” the text reads.

Up to 25 participants with embroidery experience can join the initiative. Applications will be accepted until June 10. The fabric to be used is rushnyk No. 10 with 12 threads per centimeter. The project is expected to be completed between June and September.

“After the project ends, the finished ru will be used in exhibitions at Ukrainian events to further spread Ukrainian culture in Japan, etc. A thematic exhibition will also be organized at the Krayany Ukrainian café (Tokyo),” the text says.

All materials are provided free of charge. During the execution period, weekly online consultations and support will be provided, along with monthly meetings and a symbolic reward at the end of the project.

The participant’s name will be indicated as the name of the embroidered rushnyk master. To apply, fill out the form at the link.

For questions and proposals, you can contact the email address [email protected].

The Ukrainian World Congress is organizing a virtual wave for Vyshyvanka Day 2024 on May 16-17 on social networks – Facebook, Instagram, as well as on the UWC website. The initiative aims to raise interest in Ukraine through unity in embroidered shirts. Details can be found at the link.

The UWC urges Ukrainian communities globally to participate and help refocus international attention on Ukraine’s struggle against a harsh aggressor.