Ukrainian World Congress Christmas Greeting

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January 3,2014 175

3 January 2014



Christmas is one of the holiest holidays for all Christians that celebrates the arrival on earth of the Son of God, strengthens us spiritually, rejuvenates our souls in love and forgiveness, renews our faith in the triumph of goodness over evil, and instills in us hope for a prosperous future. On this day, as the holiday church bells toll, we praise Jesus Christ, give thanks for His generous gifts and ask that He bestow kindness on us and our families.


For centuries, Christ’s birth unites our nation around Christian values in times of both joy and sorrow. Today, the eyes of the international community are fixed on events in Ukraine: with widespread protests on EuroMaidans in Kyiv and throughout Ukraine, the Ukrainian people have decisively expressed their European choice and are defending the right to live in a truly democratic country. In solidarity with Ukrainians in Ukraine, the millions strong Ukrainian diaspora led by the Ukrainian World Congress has also organized numerous EuroMaidans in all corners of the world and will continue to steadfastly support the aspirations of our nation for a better future.


As we remember family and loved ones in our Christmas prayers let us not forget our brothers and sisters in Ukraine, and let us pray for our spiritual homeland to overcome all current external and internal challenges, and for the ability of its people to integrate into the European circle of free nations.


May Christmas bring peace, mutual understanding and prosperity to every Ukrainian family, while uniting Ukrainians around the world and strengthening us in the spirit of cooperation.


Christ is born!            Let us praise Him!

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