CYM launches competition ahead of 100th anniversary

July 3,2024 268
CYM launches competition ahead of 100th anniversary

The Ukrainian Youth Association (CYM) has announced the  #CYM100DeedsTowardVictory initiative, commemorating the organization’s centenary in 2025. The program invites all CYM members – clusters, CYM units, branches, and CYM artistic groups – to participate, as reported by CYM.

The project aims to unite the global CYM community for further support of Ukraine. “Each project proposed locally by clusters, CYM’s units, or branches will be recognized with special awards as a sign of honor and gratitude. By uniting our efforts, we strengthen the bonds that unite us as CYM members worldwide!” the announcement reads.

Step-by-Step Instructions:

  • Gather your unit or form a team with the cluster or senior members.
  • Plan your project and outline its goals.
  • Consult with the leadership of your branch or regional administration.
  • Complete your project.
  • Submit a description of your project along with photos using the link below.
  • The CYM World Executive will share information about your achievements on their web platforms.

Details for participating in the project are available at the provided link.

The Ukrainian Youth Association (CYM) is an international organization founded in 1925 that unites the youth of the global Ukrainian community. Its goal is to educate conscious, honest, and hardworking citizens who are devoted Ukrainian nationalists who develop a worldview based on national Christian traditions and ideals nurtured by the Ukrainian nation over centuries.

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