Ukrainian Youth Association to celebrate 100th anniversary: event program unveiled

May 1,2024 266
Ukrainian Youth Association to celebrate 100th anniversary: event program unveiled

The Ukrainian Youth Association (CYM) has unveiled plans to mark the organization’s centenary, set for 2025, with a program of events kicking off in May 2024.

“We will use this special anniversary to celebrate our achievements, honor our founders, support our homeland and those who defend its sovereignty – and also unite with our diaspora family worldwide to celebrate our successes and pave the way for the next 100 years,” wrote the CYM.

The anniversary celebration will provide an opportunity to tell the story of the organization’s founding, its revival, and its spread worldwide. “The #CYMRoadTo100Years program will include educational sessions, interactive media, and podcasts. Everyone will find something for themselves, whether you’re an experienced educator or a spirited CYM member. We encourage everyone to actively participate as we explore the CYM heritage through exciting narratives and shared memories,” the organizers noted.

A collection of historical photographs summarizing CYM’s rich history will be gathered as part of the program. Concurrently with the celebrations, the #CYM100DeedsTowardVictory initiative is being launched.

“From May 2024 until the end of 2025, this program invites all CYM members – clusters, CYM’s units, branches, and CYM artistic groups – to collaborate on noble deeds to help spread aid and raise funds for Ukraine,” the program description states.

In the upcoming summer, there are plans for a gathering of CYM members from across the globe.”This will be the culmination of our celebrations and an event promising camaraderie, inspiration, and memories for a lifetime,” write the organizers.

Read more about the anniversary celebration program at the link provided.

The Ukrainian Youth Association (UYA) is an international organization founded in 1925 that unites the youth of the global Ukrainian community. Its goal is to educate conscious, honest, and hardworking citizens who are devoted Ukrainian nationalists who develop a worldview based on national Christian traditions and ideals nurtured by the Ukrainian nation over centuries.

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